SOPHIA SANTOS October 31, 2019

Long distance relationships can certainly be trying, but especially today with the advent of technology, they’re becoming more common than ever. Whether it’s the poor economy forcing couples that are already together to temporarily separate because they have to relocate for jobs or the advent of new ways to meet people, like online dating services, long distance relationships are here to stay. How to make long distance relationships work may seem like a complicated quandary, but the very technology that has made them more common can also make them easier to maintain.

Here are some pointers on how to make long distance sex relationships work:

• Keep staying in touch a priority

Unfortunately, it can be very, very easy if you’re trying to maintain a long distance relationship to let the “rest of your life” get in the way. Because your significant other isn’t right there next to you on a day-to-day basis, it can be very easy to forget to stay in touch. Fortunately, e-mail, phone, services like Skype, and texting are all great ways to stay in touch, instantaneously. Make sure you get in touch with your significant other (or he or she gets in touch with you) at least once a day.

• Make truth and honesty paramount

When you date someone the old-fashioned way, you have no choice but to get to know that person. It’s true that you can put on a “good front” for a short period of time, but chances are, once you start to spend more time together, you’ll see the real person come out. If you don’t take care, a long distance relationship can be built on artificiality and pretending, simply because it’s so easy to pretend to be someone else; in other words, you can permanently pretend to be the person you think your significant other wants you to be, instead of who you really are – and vice versa.

And of course, if your spouse or long term significant other has had to relocate somewhere else for work or for another reason (or you have had to yourself), make sure you continue to be honest in your relationship, always. You don’t want to come back together at some point, only to find that you don’t know each other anymore.

• Spend time together physically on a regular basis

At least once a month, more often if possible, make sure you spend time together physically. While previously mentioned ways of staying in touch are certainly important to a healthy long distance relationship, when it comes to how to make long distance relationships work, there’s no substitute for the commitment you’ll make to each other if you agree to regularly spend time together in the same location, so that you keep that spark alive between you – or make sure there’s really something there to begin with, if you’re newly dating.

• Set a goal and timeline for your long distance relationship to become a “no distance” relationship

Unless both you and your significant other like the idea of being permanently long distance in your relationship, you should be moving toward having this “long distance” factor end so that you can be together permanently. Whether you’re newly dating and just getting to know each other, with potential future plans to be together permanently, or you’re in a temporary long-distance situation with your committed relationship, there is really no “how to make long distance relationships work” on a permanent basis; by their very nature, they are meant to be temporary. Therefore, make definite plans (and set a deadline) to change this long distance relationship into a “no distance” one.

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