SOPHIA SANTOS February 7, 2020

How many times did you have to take care of a clogged up commode when you didn’t have a bet-tor? Either you never had one, or you can’t discover the one you own, the commode is about to overflow, and also you aren’t most likely to spend the cash to call a plumbing for this basic trouble.

Don’t sweat it. You can unclog a commode without a plunger. Get two ingredients from your kitchen, and also deal with the problem without a bet-tor or a plumber – Apofraxeis Antoniou.

Problem: Easy
Time Required: Varies

What You Need?

  1. One regular-sized box of cooking soft drink
  2. Approximately one gallon of vinegar


For this hack, you will need space in the toilet.

  • If the toilet has actually over-ruined or is virtually overrunning, you’re going to have to put on rubber gloves. Get a garbage bag and vacant any type of strong components into it and also attach for disposal. Then you will certainly intend to dip out the excess water with a pail or various other container and throw away it in an additional toilet (or in the toilet once it is unclogged).
  • That part is possibly sickening and stinky, however you do not want this overflowing onto your floor.
  • Pour the box of cooking soda right into the commode bowl.
  • Currently gradually begin to put vinegar right into the toilet dish. It will certainly produce a foaming action as it enters into contact with the baking soda. You don’t want to dispose it all in as you will certainly have a frothy mess erupting from your bathroom. Rather, gradually amount to a gallon of vinegar and also get the action began yet under control.
  • Permit the mix to sit for a bit. You may utilize this waiting time to clean up the various other drainpipe where you put the excess water.
  • Then, give the bathroom a flush. This should clear the obstruction as well as recover your toilet to working order.
  • To stop future problems, put some hot, yet not boiling, water into the bowl, as well as provide it one more flush. This will assist to eliminate anything that might have been left after the vinegar-baking soft drink flush. Do not utilize boiling water as you can fracture your toilet.


If the baking soda as well as vinegar method does not deal with the issue, attempt a storage room auger or straighten a wire layer hanger to utilize to penetrate the blockage. You may have a plaything or a few other object embedded the pipe.

This same method can be made use of to unclog a bath tub and also shower drain.


What happens if you do not have cooking soda as well as vinegar? Right here are two alternate approaches:

Dip out the majority of the water in the dish and also pour in a couple of cups of warm faucet water. Wait five mins. Often this will suffice to loosen up the obstruction.

If hot water alone didn’t function, squirt or pour a charitable quantity of soap into the dish. This can be dishwashing liquid, liquid hand soap, shampoo, powdered dishwashing machine soap or washing soap. Pour in several cups of warm faucet water. Wait 20 mins as well as see if this loosens up the obstruction.

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