SOPHIA SANTOS February 11, 2020

Security doors – portes asfaleias – and fire doors especially are vital in maintaining people safe in buildings. They are a crucial part of any type of organized Fire Safety Plan. Fire doors can only work however, if they are kept to the highest criteria and are fit to perform their desired function in the event of a fire break out. To guarantee the safety and security of a building’s residents, normal checks must be executed on all fire doors.

Read a useful checklist of the most important features that need to be checked in fire doors:


Every fire door need to present a CERTIFICATE Fire Door Scheme tag– usually found on the top edge of the door.


The door fallen leave should sit flush with the door stop, and also without any distortion. Make certain that the door is without any kind of dents, holes or various other damages, which any type of veneer is still sturdily in place.


Ensure that the framework is strongly connected to the wall surface. If any type of grown door stop exists, that it as well, is firmly attached. Check that the door leaf gap is continually the required 2-4mm.


All fire doors – pyrimaxes portes – should include seals. Either in-tumescent, smoke, acoustic or any kind of mix of those. Otherwise, they should be installed IMMEDIATELY. All seals must be well attached inside the groove of either the door leaf or the structure itself. All seals have to be constant around the framework and without any kind of damages.


All fire doors have to be fastened with a MINIMUM of 3 hinges, with all screws securely tightened up in position. The screws need to be custom-made fitted for the joint as well as the right size, and maintained without any kind of steel fragments or oil leak. Any type of indicators of wear have to be resolved.


There is an examination you must perform consistently for the door closers. Unlock to 5 degrees (75mm) and check that door shuts and successfully engages with the latch. Make certain that the closer is correctly set up and also is affixed to both the door and the structure. Make sure there is no damages or dripping. If doors are awaited sets, after that make certain that they both close in line when opened up and also launched together.

Door Open Devices

Many fire doors are fitted with “hold open” tools. Only the digitally powered gadgets are authorized. Where existing, make certain that the gadget launches the door as necessary when needed.


Ensure that the security lock – κλειδαριά ασφαλείας – holds the door strongly in position with no ‘rattling‘, or excess movement.


Many fire doors are set up with specialist glazing. When existing, make sure the in-tumescent seals are connected to the beading and the glass itself, and also is continuous. Inspect that all beading is in good condition and devoid of damages, and all glass panes are damage-free without cracks. Examine whether any kind of panes have actually been replaced for any factor and also, if so, that the substitute glass is of the needed fire security standards. Any kind of glass panelling below a height of 1500mm must be consisted of the approved safety glass criterion.

Limit Gap

There should be a constant gap under the fire door that enables it to turn easily without touching the flooring. Make sure that this gap between flooring covering and also door is regularly 10mm, or less, when the door is shut.

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